Shovel Knight PS4


  • Format: 13.0x17.0cm
  • Oprawa: Plastikowa
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With vibrant graphics and pitch-perfect gameplay, Shovel Knight breaks new ground in this 8-bit adventure! Become Shovel Knight, wielder of the Shovel Blade, as he runs, jumps and battles in a quest for his lost beloved. Take down the nefarious knights of the Ofder of No Quarter and their menacing leader, The Enchantress. Uphold the virtues of Shovelry, earn relics and riches, and discover the true meaning of shovel justice!


Tytuł: Shovel Knight PS4
Producent: Techland
Kod paskowy: 5060146461825
Języki: angielski
Rok wydania: 2015
Format: 13.0x17.0cm
Oprawa: Plastikowa
Waga: 0.116 kg
Typ głównego nośnika: VO