Hunger The Show wersja angielska


  • Format: 20.0x20.0cm
  • Oprawa: Pudełko kartonowe
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Welcome to HUNGER Reality Show! There is a 1 Million Dollar Prize and there can only be one winner. HUNGER is a family/filler game with no downtime and rich player interaction. Alongside other participants, unfortunately not your best friends, you are cast onto a desert island. There is some food provided by the TV crew but it will not last long. You will be hungry very soon and will have to start picking fruit or catching chickens. You will also need to build a raft if you are serious about winning the prize. The first person to leave the island will be declared as winner. You will need rope and raft wood, which are hard to find. Well, you could always try to steal from the others, but would you? Components: 90 cards 138 tokens Rulebook 3D game board


Tytuł: Hunger The Show wersja angielska
Producent: Phalanx
Kod paskowy: 5900741508238
Języki: angielski
Rok wydania: 2017
Format: 20.0x20.0cm
Oprawa: Pudełko kartonowe
Waga: 0.622 kg